United Response Artwork #1

Zoom Art Sessions

Zoom Art Friends (2020) – Dylan Jones-Healey
Lockdown Rainbow (2020) – Dylan Jones-Healey

Dylan is a very explorative artist, from working in 3d, to collage, drawing and painting. He has a very sensitive and thoughtful touch when working with colour.

Dylan has said he loves attending the United Response Zoom art group, he finds making art very interesting, his favourite artist is Jean-Paul Basquiat.

Sunshine Lockdown – Jake Cornish (2020)

Jake is a very expressive artist. His work is truly unique and has a real sense of personality.

His use of imagery, text and pops of colour make his work bold and energetic and often very witty.

Life in Lockdown – Luke Gold (2020)

Luke is a natural artist with a fantastic imagination. There is a very striking a graphic quality to his work.